We are California and Texas natives. A planning, design and styling duo with an intense love for life. We are such private people by nature but we thought it would be fun to let you have a peek into our weddings, events, adventures and lives! Come along with us on our blogging journey as we get to know who we are as a company, friends and ourselves better.



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Congrats! You’ve found the new love of your life and you’re planning your encore wedding! Even though you’ve done it before, you’d like to have the parties and do it all again. We don’t blame you. You may be wondering though if it would be appropriate to register for gifts this time around. The short […]

  You have your loyal #girlsquad all on standby to receive their Pinterest inspired “Will you be my Bridesmaid” gift, but you can’t send them until you make that one final decision – will you or won’t you ask your future Sister-in-Law to be a part of the party? While there is no official etiquette rule that requires […]

Introduction: For this month’s vendor spotlight we spoke with illustration prowess and owner of Floraison Design Co., Ashley. With her background in graphic design and perpetual love for the beautiful and romantic, she is able to work closely with her Dallas wedding clients to create artwork perfectly unique to them.  The Interview: Q: When and […]

Today’s Southern Charm is a fun one! We are talking dinner party etiquette 101. We’ve already shared all the details on how to pass the salt and pepper, proper napkin placement and the little bread and butter trick; and today we are spilling the beans on 5 more dinner rules. After all, we do want […]

Two years ago, surrounded by family and friends, Ashley and her Groom tied the knot in a gorgeous Four Seasons Dallas wedding. This Dallas couple were enrolled in the same graduate program when they met. As fate had it, they were both studying to become chiropractors, at the same school. Ashley and Quinn ran in […]

Problem: You are happily engaged and having a blast planning your big day and now it’s time to send out your beautifully crafted invitations. As you run though your guest list for the tenth time, you realize that you have yet to include your co-workers. Being a part of a fun work environment and having […]

What a magical Hotel Crescent Court wedding for our couple, Lauren and Ronnie. Lauren and Ronnie worked together in oil & gas, and they hit it off immediately. They both bonded over their strong love for their children and family. Lauren had one beautiful daughter and Ronnie had three older children. Ronnie is a wonderful […]

Introduction: For this month’s vendor spotlight, we spoke with Liz Vidrine, owner and founder of Loved and Found, a personalized gifting shop. Their custom, curated gift boxes not only contain the best products but are always packed to perfection.  The Interview: Q: When and how did you get started in the wedding industry?  A: I […]

  SaveSave Every part of a wedding is unique to you, and that goes for the wedding party gifts! As a rule of thumb though, an amount between $75-$150 should suffice. This all does depend on your wedding budget though. Just remember, your bridesmaids and groomsmen are putting in a lot of their time and […]

A rising senior at Southern Methodist University, Lydia stumbled upon the Dallas wedding scene by chance. Her love for all things romantic led her to an SA internship three years ago and has been here ever since! “Lydia, our beautiful saving grace. She has been such a delight to have on our team. Lydia’s eyes […]