Southern Charm: Must I Ask My Future Sister-in Law To Be In My Bridal Party?


You have your loyal #girlsquad all on standby to receive their Pinterest inspired “Will you be my Bridesmaid” gift, but you can’t send them until you make that one final decision – will you or won’t you ask your future Sister-in-Law to be a part of the party?

While there is no official etiquette rule that requires the Bride or Groom to include the other’s siblings in their wedding party, it is considered a Southern tradition in our country. I made sure to double check this one with the ever so lovely Emily Post who only states, “You aren’t required to ask siblings, though it certainly promotes family unity.” And we must agree with her.

If your Sister-in-Law seems to be excited about being part of the #girlsquad, maybe having her join is a much needed small sacrifice in order to start off on the right foot with your future in-laws. If she seems not to care as much, we would recommend to always including her in the Bridal Showers, parties and shin-digs leading up to the big day – and maybe even make her a member of your House Party!





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