Southern Charm: Can I Register For Gifts If It’s My Second Wedding?

Congrats! You’ve found the new love of your life and you’re planning your encore wedding! Even though you’ve done it before, you’d like to have the parties and do it all again. We don’t blame you. You may be wondering though if it would be appropriate to register for gifts this time around. The short answer is, YES!

Even though this may be the 2nd marriage for you two – this is still a new beginning you are celebrating, and it’s absolutely appropriate for your guests to help you do so with a gift. At the same time, guests have every right to stick to the one wedding gift “rule” if they already purchased you a great gift for the first affair.

We suggest keeping this registry small and reasonable with just the items you are missing and would love to have. Or maybe even just do a Honeymoon registry this time around.

If you do receive a gift – accept every present graciously’ and if anyone declined to give you one – in the words of Elsa from Frozen, let it go.




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