Team Spotlight Blog – Lydia

A rising senior at Southern Methodist University, Lydia stumbled upon the Dallas wedding scene by chance. Her love for all things romantic led her to an SA internship three years ago and has been here ever since!

“Lydia, our beautiful saving grace. She has been such a delight to have on our team. Lydia’s eyes for details and organization help to keep not only our office to run smoothly but she keeps our clients extremely happy. We are so lucky to have our Lydia!”


“Our office go getter! Lydia handles so many details and tasks behind the scenes and kills it on wedding days as well. Ever since the first wedding she assisted me at, I have been beyond impressed. Our company would fail without her. She’s a true gem.”


1. Spirit animal? 

My spirit animal is definitely a flamingo. They’re pink, my favorite color, and they have long legs, just like me!

2. Favorite cocktail? 

You can almost always find me with either a cosmo or an aperol spritz in hand. 

3. What is one thing you can’t live without?

Hot sauce. I carry around a mini bottle of Cholula wherever I can. 

4. Where is your happy place? 

A big, fast-paced city with lots of shopping and good food.

5. Your hidden talent? 

I bake! Macarons are next on my list to master. 

6. Guilty pleasure? 

Diet coke. I know. 

7. Your personal design style? 

I love anything glamorous or reminiscent of the 50s. 

8. Where are you most likely to shop? 

Zimmerman and & Other Stories are my favorites. 

9. An item off your bucket list? 

Visit the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

10. Go to dance song? 

Fergalicious always gets me pumped up.

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