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For this month’s vendor spotlight we spoke with illustration prowess and owner of Floraison Design Co., Ashley. With her background in graphic design and perpetual love for the beautiful and romantic, she is able to work closely with her Dallas wedding clients to create artwork perfectly unique to them. 

The Interview:

Q: When and how did you get started in the wedding industry?

A: I have always loved to paint and sketch, particularly whenever the subject matter was somewhat romantic or whimsical.  I actually started out in the alcohol industry, where I split my time between creating marketing graphics and performing typical marketing tasks.  After I came up with the design concept that was ultimately used for the alcohol company’s flagship wine brand, I was given more and more design tasks and eventually promoted to Creative Director.  Near the end of my time there, I was designing heavily illustrated beer, wine, and cider labels, and that’s where I really figured out that illustration is what I was most passionate about. I did a lot of research into the careers available to illustrators, and that’s when I started seriously considering the idea of going into the wedding stationery field.  It was such a perfect fit because it’s one of the few places where illustrators can make a living designing whimsical, romantic, delicate pieces of art, which have always been my favorite. Today I split my time between a full-time position as an Art Director and my work at Floraison Design Co., which keeps me very busy, but super fulfilled creatively!

Q: How far in advance should brides book your services?

A: As soon as possible!  At Floraison Design Co. I handle a number of different creative services ranging from branding for other other creatives (photographers, event planners and floral designers make up the bulk of my business), to contract illustration work, to wedding stationery.  I get a fair amount of inquiries for each of these services, so I book up pretty quickly.

Q: Who is your ideal client?  And why do you think they book you over your competition?

A: My ideal client is that individual who describes their personal aesthetic as dreamy, ethereal and romantic, and has a love of personal, meaningful, completely custom design.  I think the primary reason clients inquire and ultimately decide to work with me is that they can tell that I am as excited as they are about creating something completely unique and special for them! Every one of the illustrations, patterns and graphics I use in my work is created completely from scratch, so I think that’s another huge draw for my clients. They know when they book with me that they are not only going to receive a beautiful end product, but that they are also going to have the special experience of getting to see each of their ideas come to life.

Q: What do you adore most about weddings?

A: To me, weddings are about family, first and foremost.  When my husband and I got married eleven years ago, there was this moment when we were getting ready to walk out of our wedding and our guests formed a circle around us.  My new husband and I hugged each of them and watched as they smiled and cried in joy for us, and I realized in that moment, standing in that circle, that we were completely surrounded by love.  This is what I love most about weddings! I think they are this beautiful opportunity to share your love for another person with the people you love most, and have them share that love right back.  There’s nothing like it.

Q: How many clients do you take a year?

A: More than I should! I am working towards doing less projects this year and choosing those projects more intentionally so that I can spend more time working with each individual client.  I love being able to really dive in deep with a client and build that relationship and really serve them as their designer, so that is one of my focuses for 2020.  

Q: What is something you would like clients to know that they can’t read on your website?

A: While I think I definitely have a style and an aesthetic, I absolutely love working within the framework of specific theme.  I love the challenge of finding ways to elegantly execute a particular theme or concept. For example, one of my favorite weddings I ever worked on was for a couple who were both art history majors and had a love of medieval art history.  When I was brought on to help them design a set of stationery inspired by Medieval artwork (specifically, the artwork style typically found in medieval “Books of Hours”) I was thrilled. I’m incredibly proud of the way the resulting suite feels rooted in a very specific moment of history without feeling outlandish or over the top.  Additionally – I would absolutely love to work with that client out there that is looking for a wedding suite inspired by vintage book covers. I am obsessed with that style of artwork! If you are out there, please come find me!

Q: What advice would you give to our brides?

A: As long as your partner makes it to the wedding, it will all be okay.  My mom told me when we were planning my husband and I’s wedding, “anything that doesn’t get done, doesn’t get done and it will still be just fine.”  And it totally was. We completely forgot certain items, and ran out of time (or budget) to do other common items in our wedding, and literally none of it mattered in the end.  I would love to list out those items for you, but it turned out that after eleven years of marriage I can’t even remember what they are anymore! I only remember getting ready with my mother, sister and bridesmaids, leaning on my dad for support as we walked down the aisle, and the way my husband needed to look away because he was about to cry when he first saw me walking down the aisle.

Q: What is your favorite cocktail?

A: An Aperol spritz!  My husband and I had one (literally) every day when we were in Italy on vacation a few years back. Now, every time I have an opportunity to have one back here in the states, it brings me back to lazy afternoons on pretty patios in different parts of Italy.

Check out more of Ashley’s work on her website, here.

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