Southern Charm: Am I Expected To Invite All Of My Co-Workers To The Wedding?


You are happily engaged and having a blast planning your big day and now it’s time to send out your beautifully crafted invitations. As you run though your guest list for the tenth time, you realize that you have yet to include your co-workers. Being a part of a fun work environment and having friends in the office is one of the job perks, but what if you have those that you don’t necessarily want to invite?! I mean, you don’t want to offend anyone, but are you obligated to invite them ALL? And how do you invite ONLY the people you really want there?!


By no means are you obligated to invite everyone you work with, but you need to be mindful of your co-worker’s feelings. If you are only inviting a select few and not others, make sure to ask for their addresses privately and mail invitations directly to their homes instead of distributing in the office. Oh, and try your best to keep pre-wedding chatter to a minimum as to not gloat.




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