Team Spotlight Blog – Brittany


Above and beyond is Brittany’s second name! A desire and joy for all things glam is what helps her fit right into the world of wedding planning. No detail is left untouched during her planning process. She creates magic in her Dallas weddings, and helps her clients craft their perfect evening.

“Brittany is the first person that I have trusted to leave alone at a wedding and know that everything will stay on track. Heck, she may even pull off an event better than I can. She is a people person and has all the skills I am lacking, which is why we make such a great partnership. We have become great friends and i will forever be grateful for her. Dallas is lucky to have a wedding planner as caring as her.”


1. What is your spirit animal? 

Jaguar- It speaks to me as being a leader, powerful and loyal

2. Favorite cocktail?


3. What is one thing you can’t live without?

God and family

4. Where is your happy place?

My Sofa with a blanket and the TV

5. Your hidden talent?

I’m good with numbers

6. Guilty pleasure?

Candy, well anything sweet

7. Your personal design style?

Elegant glam

8. Where are you most likely to shop?

Old Navy Baby 

9. An item off your bucket list?

Travel to all 50 states

10. Go to dance song?

Who Runs the World

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