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Is it “greedy” to register for gifts? What should be the limit on the number of registries?

It is most certainly not greedy to register for gifts. Registries are a great way to relay what gifts you actually want to your wedding guests. Most guests find registries a very organized and efficient way to select gifts. Registries also keep you from receiving three gravy boats and no utensils to make the gravy!

An important thing to remember is to register for items in a variety of prices. Everyone’s budget is different, so choose items that all of your guests can afford. 

With the rise of cohabitation, many people are now choosing to do a “Honeyfund.” Their wedding websites have a section where they ask for a monetary donation to help them pay for their Honeymoon. Many of these couples already share homes and things and don’t need the dishes like couples used to because they already have them. Many couples are now getting married older and are paying for their weddings themselves, instead of mom and dad. Do these things make a difference? What do you think? Many top wedding planners across the world said there is a RIGHT way to do it. While asking for cash is still tacky, subtly giving the option to donate to the couple’s honeymoon, they say, is not.

The best way to spread information about your registry is by word of mouth and on your wedding website. Tell your close family and friends, as they will likely be asked by guests. 

As Emily Post reminds us, ‘In the end, the choice of gift is always up to the giver, so great-aunt Edna might still buy you a blender.’

XOXO Robyne

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