Southern Charm: Do We Have To Include Our Wedding Party’s Dates At The Wedding Table?


The seating plan is all up to you! However, I will admit your wedding party (and their dates) will love you if you allow them to sit with their dates. There is nothing more awkward than attending a wedding where you may not know a lot of people, and your date is sitting all the way across the ballroom sitting by the bride and groom. Then the bridesmaid or groomsmen who left their date in isolation feel guilty for not being with their dates they invited to come. My suggestion is to have a sweetheart table for the bride and groom, and have two adjoining tables with the whole wedding party and their dates. They will appreciate that you are thinking of others, which will make your wedding party enjoy the reception more. And we all know the wedding party starts the dancing so you will want them in a good mood! 😉


Nikki with Southern Affairs


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