Southern Charm: What Are Some Tips On How To Handle Having A Bar At An Event?


When people think party, they typically imagine drinks with that scene. However, some hosts can’t afford an open bar because alcohol is expensive. Others simply want to make sure their guests are safe to drive home so they decide to limit the drinks! If you are trying to save money, one option is to serve only wine and beer. This is an old trick. This avoids spending money on all of the garnishes that go with cocktails yet everyone is still happy. If you’re simply trying to avoid a night people will regret, serving wine and beer also fixes your problem! This will eliminate hard liquor so everyone will remember how much fun they had at your event. Another way to save money and nightmares is to give people a two-drink maximum! They can have a ticket or stamp to show the bartender. Party smart!


-Nikki with Southern Affairs


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