Southern Charm: Can I Tell My Bridesmaids What Kind Of Shower I Want?

You can definitely hint at your preferences for your bridal shower. Some brides dream of a Kate Spade inspired shower while others simply want a morning brunch. You are allowed to create a Pinterest board filled with ideas to steal or send some requests to the bridal party. However, remember the most important part… a bridal shower is a day to celebrate your love with your closest friends. They might have a certain budget they need to work with. To be the most polite, it’s perfectly OK to want a theme or a certain time of day; however, appreciate the overall act of someone hosting a party to bless your marriage rather than getting caught up on all the silly details! Just remember to not be too picky or pushy. Relax and enjoy and appreciate that your loved ones want to throw you a party at all!


Nikki with Southern Affairs


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