We are California and Texas natives. A planning, design and styling duo with an intense love for life. We are such private people by nature but we thought it would be fun to let you have a peek into our weddings, events, adventures and lives! Come along with us on our blogging journey as we get to know who we are as a company, friends and ourselves better.



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He just proposed, and it’s the happiest moment of your life. Then you think about everyone you want to share this moment with! But who’s the proper person to tell first? Assuming no family or friends were involved in the proposal, always tell your parents first! The only exception to this would be if you […]

The wedding is over and you’re back from your honeymoon. Or maybe your big birthday bash just ended without a hitch. Now it’s time for you to open your gifts and get started on those tedious thank-you notes. But how long do you have to write your thank you cards? Contrary to popular myth, you […]

  Being chosen to be a part of a wedding party is a huge honor but it can also be a lot to handle. For bridesmaids especially, they have to buy a dress, plan a shower, and plan a bachelorette party! Not to mention little things like helping the bride shop for her dress, pick […]

You’re getting married but cake isn’t your favorite. Skip it! While Cake is the traditional choice at weddings, that doesn’t mean it’s the only choice you have! Pies, cupcakes, or a candy bar are some other great options! Have a sundae bar or a chocolate fountain with fun things for your guests to dip in […]

You just got engaged and you’re thinking about who you should ask to be your bridesmaids for the big day! Should you ask your pregnant friend to be a bridesmaid? Yes! Yes! Absolutely! In fact, I used to be a bridal stylist at Alfred Angelo, and I know they carry bridesmaids dresses specifically for soon-to-be […]

We are going to show you a simple etiquette tip that you will need for ANY occasion! Just remember: “D” for drinks and “B” for bread. If you make a “D” with your hand, you’ll notice you’re using your right hand. This means your drink should be placed to the right of your plate. Same […]

You can definitely hint at your preferences for your bridal shower. Some brides dream of a Kate Spade inspired shower while others simply want a morning brunch. You are allowed to create a Pinterest board filled with ideas to steal or send some requests to the bridal party. However, remember the most important part… a […]

  The seating plan is all up to you! However, I will admit your wedding party (and their dates) will love you if you allow them to sit with their dates. There is nothing more awkward than attending a wedding where you may not know a lot of people, and your date is sitting all […]

  When people think party, they typically imagine drinks with that scene. However, some hosts can’t afford an open bar because alcohol is expensive. Others simply want to make sure their guests are safe to drive home so they decide to limit the drinks! If you are trying to save money, one option is to […]

The best favor to give is always food. It’s simple, everyone likes it, and you can personalize it. For example, one of our brides gave out tiny jars of jam with a sign that said, “Find your seat and bon appetit!” It’s the little details that get your guests talking about your wedding for days! […]