We are California and Texas natives. A planning, design and styling duo with an intense love for life. We are such private people by nature but we thought it would be fun to let you have a peek into our weddings, events, adventures and lives! Come along with us on our blogging journey as we get to know who we are as a company, friends and ourselves better.



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Southern Charm No. 26 Scenario: In a couple of weeks you will be you be watching one of your longtime friends walk down the aisle. You start to wonder what you are going to wear to such a joyous occasion and you find yourself in a bit of a tizzy. What is would be appropriate […]

Southern Charm No. 25 Your awaiting your big day with excitement and have been planning with the best of the best: your planner, and amazing squad of bridesmaids and groomsmen. And now, it’s time to show them your appreciation with a little gift of love but you aren’t sure on what you should spend nor […]

Southern Charm No. 24 Problem: You are happily engaged and having a blast planning your Big Day, and now it’s time to send out your beautifully crafted invitations. As you run though your guest list for the tenth time, you realize that you have yet to include your co-workers. Being a part of a fun work […]

Southern Charm No. 23   Today’s Southern Charm is a fun one! We are talking dinner party etiquette 101. We’ve already shared all the details on how to pass the salt and pepper, proper napkin placement and the little bread and butter trick; and today we are spilling the beans on 5 more dinner rules. […]

Southern Charm No. 22   You have your loyal #girlsquad all on standby to receive their Pinterest inspired “Will you be my Bridesmaid” gift, but you can’t send them until you make that one final decision – will you or won’t you ask your future Sister-in-Law to be a part of the party? While there is no […]

Southern Charm No. 21   You have found the new love of your life and it is time to plan your Encore Wedding. You’ve already done the numerous showers and huge registries the first time around, and wanting to know if it is appropriate to register for your 2nd Big Day?! The answer is a short and […]

Southern Charm No. 20 Did you know that there is a such thing as napkin etiquette – to teach you where to place your napkin to signal to others if you are temporarily excusing your self or leaving for good? Today we are giving you a brief dinner napkin 101: Where to place your napkin when you […]

Southern Charm No. 19 Traditional etiquette states that the bride’s family should not host showers. Why?! Because the main point of a shower is to provide the Bride with gifts and it could come off as the family asking for gifts, which is a big NO NO. Today, while it is still very much a […]

Southern Charm No. 18 In today’s society people feel the need to capture every moment of their lives with their cell phones and post to social media. On a normal day, we get it, but what about when it comes to your Wedding Day? Cell phones can be sort of annoying during the wedding ceremony not only for […]

Southern Charm No. 17 Time to go gift shopping for the couple and you’ve made the decision to monogram the gift. One of the most important decisions when buying a monogrammed gift is choosing the style and making sure the initials are in proper order. A few guidelines to selecting the perfect monogram for that perfect […]