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I am so very excited to feature this month’s venue: The White Sparrow.  Nadia is the owner of The White Sparrow, a beautiful venue in East Texas used to host weddings.

White Sparrow broke into the venue world with a new and breathtaking look. As one of the first white barns in Dallas, the impeccable design and details of the space has won us over.

The Interview:

Q: When and why did you open up your venue space?
A:  The barn was a long time in the making.  I had been a wedding photographer for 5-7 years and had been to many venues in my photography career.  I was looking for a venue to get married in myself and could not find anything that matched what I was looking for.  Not one single venue in the country looked like what was in my head.  So being a graphic designer I started sketching out my dream barn venue and stayed up many nights figuring out floor plans, natural light areas, etc. My dad was a general contractor so it was only natural that I look to him to execute my dream barn venue.  An all white barn from floor to ceiling, whitewash with elegant trimmings.  A photographers dream to photograph in and pure Heaven to walk in and a true Blessing to get married in.  We started in 2013-14 and started our wedding business right after my wedding, which was the first in the barn, in May 2015.
Q: How far in advance should couples book your space?
A: A bride should look to book the barn a year to eight months in advance.
Q: Why do you think client’s choose your venue over your competition?
 A: LOOK.  Our look is what brides like, they like the white on white and the chapel like feel the barn gives when you walk into our ball room area. The other areas of the barn are designed and meant for amazing photos.  It’s a stunning piece of art in our eyes.
Q: What do you love most about weddings?
 A: We adore the couples that are truly captivated by the barn, seeing themselves getting married and so happy that they chose The White Sparrow.  We believe God’s hands built the barn with us as his puppets, so we believe our clients feel a sense of peace and God’s presence in the barn.  It’s an awesome feeling that your venue is where they start their forever.

Q: What is something you would like clients to know about your venue that they cannot read on your website?

A: We would like them to know that The White Sparrow was built by hard working, God loving-fearing people. We started this business to share a vision of beauty with the world and to inspire.  We started a business of love, Gods love.  We want our couples to feel love and peace in the barn.  They are about to start an amazing journey with their best friend and love, so we want them to feel nothing short of magic on their wedding day.  Hopefully The White Sparrow sparks that journey into forever.

Q: What advice could you offer to newly engaged couples?
 A:  DON’T SETTLE.  It’s your one big precious day.  Don’t settle for just anything, make you as a couple happen and remember the day for all the right things, not the wrongs.
Q: What is your favorite hangout spot in Dallas?
         A: We are in love with Whiskey Cake.  The Whiskey Cake restaurant is where we love to mingle. Yummy!
Q: And my favorite question to ask: what is your signature cocktail?
 A:  We do not offer cocktails at our barn as we do not offer Catering at this time.  Although this is in the works.  So hopefully this can be answered soon.


For more info + inquires:

The White Sparrow

instagram | @thewhitesparrow


Photo Credit: All photos provided by Owner




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