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Say Hello to US….

We love weddings. Our lives revolve around weddings! But we have been working hard on rebranding ourselves so that Southern Affairs fully represents who we are as a couple and the services we want to provide to our clients. Which is why we have been MIA from the blog for the last few months. Don’t worry – I am not shutting down the business. Instead we are doing the opposite and trying to expand our wings as we grow as a company.

This summer, we launched our Pop Up wedding service (which i’m dying to show you photos of), added an associate planner to the team and our newest project – changing up the Southern Affairs Blog.

If you have been following us on Instagram or Facebook you may have noticed a change in our “look.” We went from hiding behind the scenes of all our clients’ events to putting ourselves out front and center. This is on purpose! We want you all to get to know US  – and that expands well beyond the weddings we create.

We are our Brand so we have made it our mission to no longer want to be secret agent private status with our personal lives! We want you to let you in on our adventures, parties, eats, whatever so you can get to know who we are as people.

I am excited to say that the Southern Affairs blog will no longer be wedding exclusive. I am turning this blog into our lifestyle blog! Here you can peek into our weddings, events, adventures and lives. And we can’t wait to share our personal stories with you. Stay turned for Robyne’s first lifestyle blog later tonight!


-Robyne + Jeremy

Photo Credit | Bailey Eiland Photography


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