Southern Charm: Do I Need To Feed My Wedding Vendors?

There is technically no rule written in stone saying you have to feed your vendors. However, it is proper etiquette to feed all vendors working a minimum of (4) hours, during lunch or dinner, on the wedding day. Vendors like your Photographer, DJ and Wedding Planner are running around from 6-12 hours on your big day to ensure everything is executed flawless, so it is only right and respectable to let them have a brief break to chow down!

We suggest that when you are finalizing your menu with the caterer, you read through your vendor contracts for a ‘meal clause,’ or ask the vendors directly, to find out if they have any meal requirements. Some vendors may require a hot meal while others are happy with a tasty sandwich.

Always remember, your vendors will be more inclined to make your wedding especially spectacular if you treat them well. You don’t have to have a table set up for them, but it’s nice to have a plate of goodies to give them as a sweet gesture. They will love it!


-Nikki with Southern Affairs


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