Souther Charm: How To Pass Salt And Pepper At A Dinner Table?


You probably thought you knew everything about how to properly eat at a dinner party, right?! We all know (or should know) not to put your elbows the table. And now thanks to our Southern Charm No. 6, you know which bread plate and drink is yours for the taking. But do you know how to properly pass the salt and pepper when some oh-so-politely asks?!

Shocking to most, salt and pepper should always be passed together! Even if a person were to ask you for just one, pass both anyway. Consider them to be “married” to one another, because you’d never want to separate a married couple, right?!

BONUS TIP: Proper etiquette at any dinner party or night out fine dining: always taste the food before adding salt or pepper.



Photo Credit: Rifle Paper Co


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