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So many wonderful things have happened for us since I started this company in Fall of 2013 and it is my passion to do better and be better than the year before. I want to be the most responsive person and efficient communicator on the planet but sometimes I’m drowning in emails and running out of non-sleeping hours and I need time to detox before imploding. I want to be the most creative and hippest and progressive planner in the Dallas market but then there’s finances and contracts and tedious day-to-day operations that consume my time and stall my artistic juices.  I’ll never be perfect or even close to it but dang it I’m going to try.

I know what works and I know how to fail. And this year, I’m going to strive to implement the processes I know are fool-proof and skip over the ones that have caused me to crash and burn. Our plates are full. Spilling over really. Too heavy to carry alone. So we’re seeking your help. The search for the perfect Spring/Summer Intern has officially begun.

We’re looking for an intern who is highly motivated and looking to learn all about the wedding and event industry. We need help with the boring stuff like excel spreadsheets and budgets out the ying yang. We need help with the hip stuff like posting to Pinterest and creating social media initiatives. And we need help with the real stuff like working alongside us at weddings and events.

Don’t get it twisted. It’s definitely exciting to work a wedding but it’s not all fun and games. You have to be cool with working 14-hour days, taking 20,000 steps, climbing on ladders, babysitting the flower girl and figuring out how to apply icing to a 3-tier wedding cake that has toppled over onto the floor. We want someone who wants to learn and who is accepting of a career that requires you to work nights, weekends and literally around the clock.

If this is you or someone you know, please send them our way. We’ll be accepting applications until February 22nd, interviewing the week of February 23rd and will have someone in the office the first of March. See below for specific requirements and instructions. Bonus points if you love Steel City Pops.


Must receive college credit or real-world experience as this is an unpaid position.

Minimum commitment of 4 months.

Weekly schedule is to be determined but you must be available to work weekend weddings.

Must be able to multi-task, problem solve and communicate efficiently.

Must love working in a rad office space with the cutest little Yorkie-Poo you’ve ever seen.


Please send your resume along with a brief introduction to
Applications are due Sunday, February 22nd at 5pm.

xoxo, Robyne


  1. julie says:

    if i didnt have my own company i’d apply!!! Wishing you all the best in your search!

    How is life and “busy-ness” going?

    xoxo ttys!

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