Meet the intern!


Say hello to Nikki!

Meet our new intern! Her name is Nikki Rice and we are so happy to have her on our team! She has been our sidekick handling all things Southern Affairs all while tackling her other projects. She is currently in her junior year studying public relations. She’s been helping us with social media, blogs, and various other visual projects. We are so excited to learn from her as well as teach her a few of our own tricks! Enjoy seven fun facts from Nikki she’d like you to know,

  1. I bust out singing as loud as possible when I”m home alone and pretend I’m a mix of Adele and Beyonce (the queens!).
  2. I highlight, color-code, and make lists for fun because I love to be crazy organized.
  3. I watch the Bachelor religiously… Loving Ben Higgins’s season right now! Such a gentleman!
  4. I have a wonderful man of my own, Matthew, who is the absolute best. We’ve been dating 2 years, and it still feels like a dream.
  5. I thoroughly enjoy traveling to see the world and meet new cultures. Just got back from Vegas. The scenery is stunning and the personalities are like none other!
  6. I follow literally every wedding social media account known to man because I’m obsessed with the wedding world.
  7. My wedding is something I’ve dreamed of my whole life… Interning for a wedding planner seems like destiny!

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