2018 Bucket List and Goals

I have always been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I love the motivation they bring to the new year. It can be so gratifying to reflect on the past year and pick out areas in your life you want to improve on. And with it being the start of the 2nd quarter what better time than to share!


2018 Goals:

Be selective with clients

Last year I planned 20 beautiful weddings, and while they were beautiful, it a lot out of me. This year I want to take on less wedding and be more selective with the weddings I do. I only want to work on 15 weddings, so I can put more of myself into each wedding and really be able to work with the bride to make her day as perfect as possible.


Find a work/life balance

I want to work on developing a better balance between work and home. Because I love what I do and put everything I have into the weddings, it can be hard for me to draw the line on when work should end.

My focus will be on working strictly during office hours and have evenings to spend with my Husband and family. I also want to give myself time to relax and reset so my mind is sharp and creative for my brides. To accomplish this, I will take a week vacation once a quarter.


Styled Shoots

An amazing aspect of my job is that I am able to let my creativity shine through my work. This year I want to let my creative side run wild. I want to create four styled shoots that really speak to my soul. I want to display the visions and dreams I have in my head. I want to be able to showcase what I am capable of.


Breaking open books

I adore reading but I haven’t been reading as much as I used to. My goal is to read six books this year. It’s not a lot but at least I will be easing back into it. I know this will help me to relax and take time for myself in the long run.


Operations Manual

As my team is growing, I am going to create an operations manual detailing the inner workings of Southern Affairs. This will save valuable time if I can give my new employees something to read on their own time instead of me having to explain the expectations every time I hire someone new.



This year I want to expand on the idea of branding my business. I want to finish developing and designing all of my brand elements. I want to create my own stationary, which will entail thank you cards and letterhead. I want to design vendor holiday gifts to show how much I appreciate their business and keep up with the connections I have made. I would also like to see some team aprons in the future so people can see that we are, indeed, a team.


My Health

But perhaps the biggest one on my list is to lose 30 lbs. I have gained a substantial amount of weight over the last 7 years because of health issues, so I just want to start slow. I am doing this for myself and my health but also because I want to have a baby and I want to be in better shape for when that day comes.


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