Southern Charm: What should i wear when attending a wedding?


Southern Charm No. 26

Scenario: In a couple of weeks you will be you be watching one of your longtime friends walk down the aisle. You start to wonder what you are going to wear to such a joyous occasion and you find yourself in a bit of a tizzy. What is would be appropriate to wear to a wedding?

Answer: The number one rule when picking an outfit to wear to a wedding is to NEVER wear white! That color is reserved solely for the bride on her very special day, unless she specifically invites you to adorn in white as well.

While the invitation might not directly specify the proper attire, it should have some key clues. If the wedding is in the afternoon it is safe to go with a dressy afternoon dress, a nice pant suit or for a more formal affair a cocktail dress. In the evening a cocktail dress will do, or for the more formal event – a long evening gown. For you men a nice suit and tie will never steer you wrong. However, if the invitation states that it is “Black Tie” a Tuxedo would be most appropriate.

It’s understandable that you want to look stylish and cool but you always need air on the side of caution and wear a dress with appropriate length and coverage for your cleavage area. And never show up in jeans if the invitation does not warrant such attire. And do not forget to respect and and dress accordingly for any religious affiliation.

No matter the occasion, you should always make your best effort to look “nice”. It’s better to be overdressed than underdress is what my momma told me! I’m sure all of you will look stunning in what you choose to wear.



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Ref. | Emily Post


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