Venue Highlight – Rosewood Mansion

Photo Credit: Sarah Kate Photography

This month on the blog, we are highlighting the beautifully sophisticated Rosewood Mansion, located in the ever-so-glamorous uptown district of Dallas. We love this venue for wonderful luxury and prestige it brings to all of our Dallas weddings.

Photo Credit – Sarah Kate Photography

If we step outside to the Mansion lawn, we can see a beautiful stage for outdoor weddings with plenty of space. Stepping outside feels like stepping into Italy! Everything is very organic but not without a special flair!

Sarah Kate Photography

Visiting the Sheppard King’s Room feels a little like your grandmother’s house, but in the best way! We love small, intimate affairs  and this room is perfect for just that. It’s just so cozy!

Sarah Kate Photography

Stepping into the Promenade, you can’t help but admire the windows! I, for one, am a huge fan of floor to ceiling windows, I mean does lighting get much better than that?

Sarah Kate Photography

The Pavillion Ballroom might just be my favorite. Everything is so timeless and clean. The room just soaks up style! If you are planning a luxury wedding in Dallas – you should look here.

Sarah Kate Photography

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