Team Spotlight Blog – Sheryl

Sheryl has been a full time sales marketing team manager and part time Dallas wedding planner assistant for about two years. She obviously likes to stay busy.  Outside of work, she enjoys hanging out with friends , going on adventures or just simply sitting at home. 

“Sherel is truly a bright light on our team. She is beautiful inside and out, and a real go getter. She was part of the packaged deal when I brought Brittany onto the team and I do not regret it. She keeps our couples happy and knows how to predict their needs. I am grateful to have her.”


1. What is your spirit animal? 

Fish – we see beauty in life wherever we swim 

2. Favorite cocktail? 

Anything with vodka 

3. What is one thing you can’t live without? 


4. Where is your happy place?

 Anywhere I can call home

5. Your hidden talent? 

I can read pretty fast 

6. Guilty pleasure?

Dancing like nobody’s watching 

7. Your personal design style?


8. Where are you most likely to shop? 


9. An item off your bucket list?


10. Go to dance song?

 Apple Bottom Jeans

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