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We are so excited for our vendor spotlight this month – Ruth with Seniman Calligraphy. Seinman Calligraphy is based out of a loft in Downtown Los Angeles and owned and run an amazingly talented one-woman show. Ruth got her feet wet by creating her own wedding stationery, launched her company a little over 3 years ago and since then her business has exploded. Ruth creates amazing one of a kind invitation suites and now also offers semi-custom options. I am so thrilled to have met her and was just as excited when she agreed to let us interview her.


The Interview:

Q: When and how did you get started in the wedding industry?
A:  This is the third year of Seniman Calligraphy! I’ve been silently stalking various wedding film photographer in preparation of our wedding and the detail shots of the paper goods are what draws me in the most. After getting over my own fear to pick up calligraphy (the nibs looked so intimidating!), I open my own Etsy shop and shared the various photos of what I did on Instagram. Eventually, a few wedding photographers decided to take the leap of faith and invite me to collaborate with them. One thing project leads to another, and now we’re here!
Q: How far in advance should a bride request your services?
A: Depends on the scope of work and the time of the year. For fully customize invitation suite, 3-6 months prior to your mail out date. For addressing, at least a month prior to make sure I can fit them in my schedule and further if it’s during the busy wedding season. For on-site day-off items (think mirror seating charts etc), as early as possible since the availability of the date can be scarce. For the smaller day off items, 1-2 months for products that require designs and printing (menu, program, etc) and 2-3 weeks for simple place cards.
Q: Who is your ideal client and why do you think client’s choose you over your competition?
 A: My ideal clients will be the ones who fully trusted me with their vision, appreciate all the fine details, with enough production time so we can both enjoy the process. As for why people book me over others, I think calligraphers are one of the few lucky profession where your finish product can be as unique as the designers. I’ve tried my best to have a consistent portfolio that showcases what I can do so it’s easy for my client to decide if they actually love my work.
Q: What do you adore most about weddings?
 A: The celebration of two people’s love! I love love love translating their personal stories/preference.styles into their wedding stationery! It’s just a huge honor for me to have a very small part of their amazing day.
Q: How many weddings/clients do you take on a year?
 A: The actual amount varied depending on the scope of works, but usually about 4 a month and one custom suite per month.
Q: What is something you would like clients to know about you that they cannot read on your website?
 A: A fully custom suite takes surprisingly long time!!! ???????????? From correspondence, hashing out the estimate, design time, printing, assembly, and any additional time to order special paper/thread/ribbon/waxseal/vintage stamps; it’ll take 3-6 months from the very first email to the day where that invitation is in the mailbox. And yes, me and the other vendors can work magic for the timeline, but it’ll come with a premium cost and various expediting expense.
Q: What advice could you offer to our newly engaged couples?
 A: Get a planner and make sure that your wedding planner has the same style as you. Planners are worth every penny to make sure you’re as sane and less hectic especially in the crunch time of your wedding day when all the vendors need something from you. And it’s also important that you don’t hire a planner who specialized in glamour wedding when you have a more bohemian style. This way, you can make sure that your planner and recommend the perfect vendors that fit your personal style.
Q: What is your go to hangout spot in Los Angeles?
 A: My favorite Cali hangout will be Sunny Spot in Venice Beach! Their brunch menu is amazing and bottomless bloody mary for my husband.
Q: And my favorite question to ask: what is your signature cocktail?
 A: Shirley Temple!

For more info + inquires:

Seniman Calligraphy

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Photo Credit: Allen Tsai Photography

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