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I am so very excited to feature this month’s vendor: Melisa J Beauty. ________ is a hair and makeup artist based in North Dallas and has a killer talent for bringing out a women’s natural beauty. Natalia and I have become great friends over the last two years and I was so thrilled when she agreed to let me interview her.

The Interview:

Q: When and how did you get started in the wedding industry?

A:  I’ve been doing makeup for 6 years now, it was actually an “Ah ha” moment. About 6 years ago my friend was getting married and did not have a makeup artist and didn’t know what she was going to do. She would always compliment me on my makeup so she asked me to do hers. Mind you I wasn’t a makeup artist then, but I told her to come on over to practice because I know she’d go down the aisle with maybe just powder and lip gloss. She never made it over because she was working and just said “don’t worry about it, just do it on the wedding day. I trust you.” It was that day that I knew this is what I wanted to do. From there I started taking classes and practicing on anyone who would let me.

Q: How far in advance should a bride request your services?

A:  At least six months in advance but there is no cap. Every so often I am available for a short notice bride.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why do you think client’s choose you over your competition?  

A:  A woman that embraces natural beauty. That would like to look like herself on her wedding day. Just more polished and enhanced. Someone into natural glam. The number one comment I receive is I saw your before and afters and the women still look like themselves, just refined. And I feel like I listen, which I noticed not many people in the service industry do. I get to know them, their wedding vision, see their gown and learn their personal style – to better service them.

Q: What do you adore most about weddings?

 A: There are two things – seeing everything come together – a woman in her gown, hair done, makeup done. And above looking beautiful, she feels beautiful. You can see that with the smile on her face.

The 2nd – just seeing the couple come together. Joining in union before God. I believe in marriage.

Q: How many weddings/clients do you take on a year?  

A:   I don’t have a set number of clients. I am flexible so as long as it fits in my schedule I do my best to accommodate the client.

Q: What is something you would like clients to know about you that they cannot read on your website?

 A:  That I am a fun loving person. As soon as they meet me they see my bubbly personality – they know that I am truly genuinely happy for them. I’m excited to really be a part of their wedding process to create their perfect look and really get to know them.

Q: What advice could you offer to our newly engaged couples?

 A:  One of the number one things – it’s your day. Enjoy it. Soak in the moment, because before you know it, you will be laying in bed with your husband amazed that the day is over. Live in the moment and not let the small things ruin your day. Take it all in!

And before you get to the wedding day – remember it’s your day. If you really want something – do it. Don’t let your friends or family sway your decisions.

Q: What is your go to hangout spot in Dallas?  

A:Besides my sofa – somewhere good to eat.

Q: And my favorite question to ask: what is your signature cocktail?

 A: I am very much a Florida girl – a mai tai. Or anything with rum will do!

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