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I am so very excited to feature this month’s vendor: Jeff Brummett Visuals. For the Haute Couture bride planning the glamorous wedding, Jeff Brummett is the photographer to book. His mix of candid and fine art give luxury Dallas wedding photos an air of the utmost style. He has created “The Couture Method,” the method he uses to tailor each set of photos specifically to each bride. We asked Jeff a few questions about his company and how he creates such elegant photos for his clients.

The Interview:

Q: When and how did you get started in the wedding industry?
A: I started getting into photography when I was about 12 years old.  I ended up getting a degree in art but always focused on photography. After I graduated I struggled to find a job.  It was 2009 and the recession was in full affect. A guy I knew needed help with video for his wedding venue. I started doing videography and it turned into a successful business.  Whenever I would film a wedding, I’d watch the photographer. I never understood how creative and powerful wedding photography could be. About 2013, I decided I needed to try and make the switch from video to photo.  It took over a year to fully transition. I liked video but I love photography.  

Q: How far in advance should brides request your services?
A: I tend to book around a year out.  I like to be involved in the entire process as much as possible too.  It’s super important to me that we get to know each other as well as possible before the wedding. The more time for that, the better!  

Q: Who is your ideal client? And why do you think clients book you over your competition?
A: My ideal couples have a strong sense of personal style.  They are not afraid to get creative, but also value timeless elements.  My couples value authenticity in their wedding and will always make the day their own. My clients book me because they want their personality to shine.  I make it a priority to get to know them and find out what makes them unique.  Then I do my best to bring that out in their images. It’s also my goal to always be a storyteller first.  I want to creatively tell a story instead of check off boxes. I’m also not into stress or drama, I do everything I can to make sure we avoid it.  I’m always happy to help with any aspect of the wedding process.  

Q: What do you adore most about weddings?
A: Weddings allow me to mix aspects of photography, storytelling, and relationship building.  I guess what I love the most is creating something my couples are excited about. Getting to know them and showing them a side of themselves they have never seen.   When they feel like I get them and who they are. That’s the best!

Q: How many weddings/clients do you take on a year?
A: I usually try to keep it to 25 or less.  That way I can personalize the experience for each couple.  I don’t ever want them to feel like I’m not 100% committed to them.  

Q: What is something you would like clients to know about you that they cannot read on your website?
A: My absolute favorite thing to photograph are bridal sessions.  I love fashion photography and it’s the same thing as a fashion shoot. We get to take our time, hang out, and get creative!

Q: What advice would you offer to our brides?
A: There is so much!  I send all my couples a list of tips and tricks for getting through their wedding.  One tip, ask your officiant to step to the side of the altar before announcing you. That way there is not a head behind your first kiss. As far as general advice, love your wedding for what it is and not what you envisioned.  Embrace whatever happens as part of your completely one of a kind day!

Q: What is your go to hang out spot in Dallas?
A: I usually hang out in Fort Worth and work in Dallas. That’s not a dig at Dallas, just the way things usually go.  My wife and I love animals so either the Dallas or FTW Zoo is always a good bet. A good dog friendly patio with good food is also hard to beat. 

Q: What is your signature cocktail?
A: I’m going to be a boring texan and say that a great margarita is hard to beat!

Check out more of Jeff’s beautiful bridal photography work and his “Couture Method” on his website

For more info + inquires:

Jeff Brummett Visuals

instagram | @jeffbrummettvisuals

Photo Credit: Jeff Brummet

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