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Being able to feature talented vendors on our blog has us so very excited! And this month we are featuring the wonderful Peyton Anne Frank!

Peyton is a uber talented artist that captures love stories through cinema. She can tell a love story in the most magical way. Peyton started off in the industry as a wedding planner and found her niche a little over a year ago. Let’s get to know her just a little better.

The Interview:

Q: When and how did you get started in the wedding industry?
A: I actually started interning for a wedding planner in Fort Worth my junior year at TCU. I stayed there for a few years and was fascinated by the wedding industry and how many creatives the industry supported. After graduating, I decided that planning was not for me long-term and honestly didn’t think I’d ever be back in the industry. After discovering my passion for videography, weddings came naturally. It is such a joy to be present and in the moment with my couples, capturing the day instead of running all of the behind-the-scenes details like before. It suits my personality much better! However, I’m so thankful for my years in planning because it really provided me with a robust understanding of all of the details that go into a wedding!
Q: How far in advance should brides request your services?
A: I’m currently focusing on taking a select number of clients each year, so I suggest brides reach out as soon as possible after they have secured a photographer, venue, and planner.
Q: Who is your ideal client? And why do you think clients book you over your competition?
 A: My ideal client is someone who trusts my creative vision as an artist and knows that I will create something that reflects the day in a beautiful and artistic way. I think my style is influenced by my background in art history as well as my love of cinema, design, photography, and all things beautiful. I want each of my projects to be tailored to each particular couple. No two films are alike, I don’t work from a shot list, I just show up and capture the day in a way that is beautiful and reflective of the love shared between the bride and groom. I think my clients book me because something about my work resonates with them. Whatever that may be, I work to build upon it to create a film that is unique and special to each client.
Q: What do you adore most about weddings?
 A: It’s a beautiful celebration of love between two people with their dearest friends and family! What’s not to adore about that?!
Q: How many weddings/clients do you take on a year?
 A: I’m focusing on 10 – 13 for the coming years.
Q: What is something you would like clients to know about you that they cannot read on your website?
 A: I love love and am very in love myself. It is my greatest inspiration each and every day.
Q: What advice could you offer to our newly engaged couples?
 A: Remember that your wedding day is a celebration of love and there is no need to stress about the little things on your big day! You’ve hired a planner and carefully selected your wedding vendors, all you need to do is be present and enjoy each moment.
Q: What is your go to hangout spot in Dallas?
 A: Royal Blue Grocery! The perfect spot to work and have tea during the day and then catch up with friends or other wedding industry creatives in the evening!
Q: And my favorite question to ask: what is your signature cocktail?
 A: My fave cocktail ever was one with Pickled Okra! Yumm!


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