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Every Bride has her tribe! And just as we expect the Bride to look absolutely beautiful on her big day – it is a must her her maids to look lovely as well. And that is where Love Tanya come in! Just one year ago – Tanya launched her company with Bridesmaids dresses that are both modern and flattering.

The Interview:

Q: When and how did you get started in the wedding industry?
A:  My mom and aunt started a bridesmaid dress company when I was only 7 years old. Growing up in the industry, I was exposed to the design process, production, photoshoots and even attending bridal market in New York! My high school was across the street from their office so I spent most afternoons hanging out in each department. I even worked in the shipping department for a little while! Even with all that exposure, I never in a million years thought I would have my own bridesmaid collection one day. I was working in the finance industry in New York City, feeling uninspired and wanting a change. I decided to move back to Dallas to work with my family.

My best friend got engaged and asked where her bridesmaids (who live all over the U.S.) could try on our dresses. It turns out this was a much harder task than I realized. I noticed there were dresses from previous trade shows sitting in the warehouse and thought “wouldn’t it be great if I could put these dresses to good use and send them around to my friend’s bridesmaids?” That’s when the Try-At-Home program was born.  So last year, I decided to launch my own bridesmaid collection and change the way bridesmaids shop!
Q: How far in advance should a bride request your services?
A: I recommend brides start bridesmaid dress shopping 4-5 months before their wedding: 1-2 months for shopping around and trying our dresses on at home; 2 months for producing the garment; and the last month for alterations. We also offer a 4 week rush production for last minute brides for an additional fee.
Q: Who is your ideal client and why do you think client’s choose you over your competition?
 A: I believe my ideal client is a modern bride who shops online and probably has friends all over the country. She’s looking for something unique and wants all her friends to look amazing too. I think my Try-At-Home program helps busy brides and bridesmaids shop for dresses on their own time. Who wants to hassle with making an appointment at a bridal salon and deal with bad lighting? Plus bridal salon’s usually only carry one size in each dress. We have tons of sizes in each style so you can find the perfect fit before placing the final order.
Q: What do you adore most about weddings?
 A: Weddings are great because it’s one of the few times in your life that everyone you love will be together to see the amazing life you’ve created for yourself. It’s truly a celebration of love and life.
Q: How many weddings/clients do you take on a year?
 A: As many as possible! I’m an online based business with a showroom in Uptown. Customers can either shop online with the Try-At-Home program or make an appointment to visit my showroom. It’s always fun interacting with the bridal parties!
Q: What is something you would like clients to know about you that they cannot read on your website?
 A: Thanks to my designer mother, I am obsessed with quality and fit. I’m able to offer designer quality dresses at a lower price because I sell direct to consumer. It’s important to me that customers feel like they are getting a good value.
Q: What advice could you offer to our newly engaged couples?
 A: Styling your bridal party has come a long way over the last few years. I personally love the mis-matched trend and increasing popularity of bridesmaid separates. Separates have become a huge trend because they are eye catching and accentuate your waistline. Bridesmaids with hard to fit bodies will save on alterations because they can order a different size top and skirt. Plus bridesmaid separates are more likely to be worn again long after the wedding. I show different ways girls can style their tops and skirts on my own blog.
Q: What is your go to hangout spot in Dallas?
 A: When I want to grab a drink with the girls, I usually go to Parliament in Uptown. They have an extensive list of fun drinks!
Q: And my favorite question to ask: what is your signature cocktail?
 A: Kir Royal


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