Southern Charm: How much must I spend on gifts for my Wedding Party?


Southern Charm No. 25

Your awaiting your big day with excitement and have been planning with the best of the best: your planner, and amazing squad of bridesmaids and groomsmen. And now, it’s time to show them your appreciation with a little gift of love but you aren’t sure on what you should spend nor you you want to blow the budget. So what is an appropriate amount to spend on wedding party gifts? How do you show the people that have been by your side picking out dresses, planning bridal showers and bachelor parties that you appreciate all they have helped you with?!

Well first things first, your budget. Don’t break the bank to show how much you care. After all, material things are not everything life has to offer. However, it is nice to give something tangible and from the heart to express your gratitude.

Another thing to consider, along with the size of your party, is how much you are asking your wedding party to spend. If you are asking your bridal party to shell out money for high end designer dresses, tailored suits and travel expenses….well a $10-dollar gift basket might seem insufficient. Not to say that you have to match their cost to a T, but you need to take into consideration what you are asking them to shell out.

Depending on your budget, a good range to spend per gift is $35-$100. But remember, the most important aspect is that you give a gift that is enough to say that you sincerely appreciate all the time, effort, and money they have put into making your day The Best Day Ever!!



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